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    Jul 24, 2019
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    Here's my staff application hope you like it

    What is your Minecraft username?
    - Astropewds
    What is your Discord name/tag?
    - Astropewds#4292
    How long have you been playing on Daegonner?
    - sense it came back
    How old are you?
    - 13 turning 14 in June 12 2020
    What country and timezone are you in?
    - Tennessee and GMT-5

    On average, how many hours per week do you play?
    - 30 to 45
    Do you have any past or current moderation experiences? (Example: Owning your own server or being staff on another.) If so, how can you use that experience on Daegonner?
    - i was helper on a sky block server and i can use that experience on Daegonner by muting people that say inappropriate things in chat and cursing and reporting people to mods
    What would you do to make Daegonner a better environment?
    -by catching hackers, xrayer's and muting players that are being disrespectful.
    Why should we choose you as staff and not somebody else?
    - You should chose me because i think i can really help the community grow and make shore that nothing bad happens and ban hackers

    PS i think Daegonner is a super good server!!
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    Jul 27, 2019
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    Good luck applying next time.